Pushpa Impossible(Sab TV) Show Cast, Show Timing, Release Date & More

Hello, welcome to my new post about Pushpa Impossible, an upcoming show on SAB TV. Pushpa Impossible is a new upcoming SAB TV show.

The release date of this show is 6 June 2022. Pushpa is the main character of this show.

Pushpa wants to live her life openly in this show. And for this, a lot of hard work has to be done. The story of Pushpa Impossible Show inspires women to live life.

Pushpa Impossible Show is a comedy-packed family show coming on SAB TV.

In this show, the 4 main characters’ name is Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), Chirag Patel (Darshan Gurjar), TBA (Naveen Pandita), and Rashi Patel (Deshna Dugad ).

Pushpa impossible (SAB TV) serial details

Name of the Show Pushpa impossible
Main characters of the show 4
Pushpa Impossible show release date 6th June 2022
Pushpa Impossible show End dateNot yet
Pushpa show Telecast Days Monday – Saturday
Telecast Timing 9 : 30 PM – 10 : 00
Telecast channel SAB TV
OTT platform SONY LIV
Producer of the show channelJamnadas Majethia, Aatish Kapadia
Prodction House of the Show Hatsoff Productions
Story Lifestyle, comedy and family story

Pushpa impossible show cast real name with photo

pushpa show cast real name with photo

Karuna Pandey

Pushpa Impossible

Karuna Pandey role played of Pushpa

Darshan Gurjar

Pushpa Impossible

Darshan Gurjar role played of Chirag Patel (Pushpa’s son)

Naveen Pandita

Pushpa Impossible

Naveen Pandita role palyed of TBA (Male Lead, Pushpa’s son)

Deshna Dugad

Pushpa Impossible

Deshna Dugad role palyed of Rashi Patel (Pushpa’s daughter)

pushpa impossible Lead Actors, Show Cast ,role palyed and Real name with photo

Pushpa show cast real names Pushpa shown Cast Role Played
Karuna PandeyPushpa (Female Lead)
Darshan GurjarChirag Patel (Pushpa’s son)
Naveen PanditaTBA (Male Lead, Pushpa’s son)
Deshna DugadRashi Patel (Pushpa’s daughter)

Story of Pushpa Impossible Show

Pushpa’s three children keep roaming around Pushpa. And also tries to persuade his mother with love. So that his mother does not get angry with him and allows him to do all the work.

The Pushpa Impossible show showcases the usual domestic drama, comedy, and fun in a normal house. Any Indian mother can learn a lot from Pushpa’s story. Pushpa tries to make her children learn something new everyday.

I too am eagerly waiting for this show to come. It will be very exciting to see how she guides her children on the right path in this modern world. Many parents will also get to learn from this.

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