Baalveer Returns full details serial cast with real name and their role

In this post, I will mention Baalveer returns serial cast with their role and real name. Here you can see full information about Baalveer returns serial with their production companies and more.

Baalveer returns is an Indian Hindi language fantasy Television serial. This show is directed by Maan Singh and created by Vipul D. Shah. This show was premiered on 10 September 2019 on SONY SAB and it was eaned on 2 April 2021 its second session was premiered on 5 April 2021 and ended on 30 June 2021.

Baalveer Returns Cast with Real Name

Here is the complete list of Baalveer returns cast name and its Recurring Cast

Dev Joshi

baalveer returns cast
Baalveer (Dev joshi)

In this show, you see Dev Joshi as Senior Baalveer, Dev, Debu, and Naqabposh. He was adopted by Baal pair and he is Vivan's brother. Dev Joshi is the main cast of this serial.

Vansh Sayani

baalveer returns cast
Junior baalveer (Vansh Sayani)

In this show, you see Vansh Sayani as Junior Baalveer, brother of Baalveer, and savior of Dharti look. He was adopted by Karuna. He also killed Timnasa and her assistant in the Antim Yuddh battle.

Pavitra Punia

baalveer returns cast
Bhay Rani (Pavitra Punia)

In this show, you see Pavitra Punia as Timnasa and Tanisha. She is the queen of Dark Realm and a Big enemy of Baalveer and She was called "Bhay Rani"(Queen of far).

Sharmilee Raj

baalveer returns cast
Baal Pari (Sharmilee Raj)

In this show, you see Sharmilee Raj as Baal Pari and Kaal Pari. She is stepmother of senior Baalveer.

Krutika Desai

baalveer returns cast
Masti Pari (Krutika Desai)

In this show, you see Krutika Desai as Masti Pari and Megha on earth as Baal Veer's sister. She has the superpower to increase and decrease her size.

Anahita Bhooshan

baalveer returns cast
Ananya (Karigar Pari)

In this show, you see Anahita Bhooshan as Ananya and Karigar Pari. Ananya is a big fan of Baalveer and Naqabposh. She is the Daughter of Devaki and the elder sister of Vivaan.

Shoaib Ali

baalveer returns cast
Ray (Shoaib Ali)

In this show, you see Shoaib Ali as Ray who is the twin brother of Baalveer and he was team up with Timnasa.

Aditya Ranvijay

baalveer returns cast
Bhaymaar (Aditya Ranvijay)

In this show, you see Aditya Ranvijay as Bhaymaar, the loyal of the Dark realm. He was called "Bhai Raja" by Tauba Tauba.

Bhaweeka Chaudhary

baalveer returns cast
Paani Pari (Bhaweeka Chaudhary)

In this show, you see Bhaweeka Chaudhary as Paani Pari, Payal, and Maths Teacher. She have the superpower of water and she was also the sister of Baalveer on earth.

Anuradha Khaira

baalveer returns cast
Dhwani Pari (Anuradha Khaira)

In this show, you see Anuradha Khaira as Dhwani Pari and Diksha. On fairy lok she is a Dhwani fairy with the superpower of Sound and she looks as Diksha on earth as one of Baalveer's sisters.

Recurring Cast Of Baalveer Returns

Here is the list of Baalveer returns recurring cast with real name

Khushi Mukherjee

baalveer returns cast
Jwala Pari (Khushi Mukherjee)

In this show, you see Khushi Mukherjee as Jwala Pari and Jiya. She was also Dev's sister on earth.

Amika Shail

baalveer returns cast
Vaayu Pari (Amika Shail)

In this show, you see Amika Shail as Vaayu Pari, Vidhi, and Science teacher. She has the power of sound. She was killed by Timnasa weapons.

Shridhar Watsar

baalveer returns cast
Duba Duba (Shridhar Watsar)

In this show, you see Shridhar Watsar as Dubba Dubba and Tuba Tuba. Duba Duba is the best friend of Baalveer. Tuba Tuba is the twin of Duba Duba and he was against him.

Atul Verma

baalveer returns cast
Jabdali (Atul Verma)

In this show, you see Atul Verma as Jabdali who is the companion of Timnasa.

Priya Sharma

baalveer returns cast
Nagini (Priya Sharma)

In this show, you see Priya Sharma as Nagini. She was defeated by Baalveer and Aladdin but came back to take revenge. She was accidentally killed by her poison.

Jaya Binja Tyagi

baalveer returns cast
Karuna (Jaya Binja Tyagi)

In this show, you see Jaya Binja Tyagi as Karuna. She adopted Vivaan and she is also Khushi's real mother. She is a businesswoman living in Bharat Nagar.

Khushi Bhardwaj

baalveer returns cast
Khushi (Khushi Bhardwaj)

In this show, you see Khushi Bhardwaj as Khushi who is Vivaan's sister and Karuna's daughter.

Varsha Bhagwani

baalveer returns cast
Teacher (Varsha Bhagwani)

In this show, you see Varsha Bhagwani as a Teacher. You can see Varsha Bhagwani as School Teacher.

Arista Mehta

baalveer returns cast
Sutil Gupta (Arista Mehta)

In this show, you see Arista Mehta as Sutil Gupta who is Vivaan and Gopu's close friend. She is a Padmini's Daughter.

Aarna Bhadoriya

baalveer returns cast
Chinti (Aarna Bhadoriya)

In this show, you see Aarna Bhadoriya as Chinti Mishra who is Chintu's sister and she was trying to trouble Vivaan and his team.

Abhay Bhadoriya

baalveer returns cast
Chintu (Abhay Bhadoriya)

In this show, you see Abhay Bhadoriya as Chintu Mishra who is Chinti's Mishra sister. They both are trying to troubling Vivaan.

Hridyansh Shekhawat

baalveer returns cast
Gopa Chheda (Hridyansh Shekhawat)

In this show, you see Hridyansh Shekhawat as Gopa Chheda who is Vivaan's and Sutli's close friend. His father is the owner of a general store in Bharat Nagar.

Tapan A.Bhatt

baalveer returns cast
Dadaji (Tapan A.Bhatt)

In this show, you see Tapan A.Bhatt as Dadaji who is Vivaan and Khushi's Grandfather and Krunal's father-in-law.

Saran Tiwari

baalveer returns cast
Mr. Munna (SaranTiwari)

In this show, you see Saran Tiwari as Mr. Munna Mishra who is Chintu and Chinti's father and Kamini's Husband.

Anuradha Verma

baalveer returns cast
Mrs. Kamini Mishra (Anuradha Verma)

In this show, you see Anuradha Verma as Mrs. Kamini Mishra. who are Chintu-Chinti's mother and Munna's wife.

Akshay Bhagat

baalveer returns cast
Mr. Ratilal Chheda (Akshay Bhagat)

In this show, you see Akshay Bhagat as Mr. Ratilal Chheda Who is Gopu's father and Diwali's Husband and he has his own shop.

Ajay Padhye

baalveer returns cast
Inspector Girpade (Ajay Bhagat)

In this show, you see Ajay Padhye as Inspector Shantaram Girpade. who Sutil's uncle and Padmini's younger brother and he also Sub-Inspector in this show.

Shruti Gholap

baalveer returns cast
Mrs. Padmini (Shruti Gholap)

In this show, you see Shruti Gholap playing the role of Mrs.Padmini Girpade who is Sutil's mother and Girpade's elder sister.

Heer Chopra

baalveer returns cast
Saral pair (Heer Chopra)

In this show, you see Heer Chopra playing the role of Saral Pari.

Alisha Chaudhary

baalveer returns cast
Netra pari (Alisha Chaudhary )

In this show, you see Alisha Chaudhary playing the role of Netra Pari in this show.

Purvesh Pimple

baalveer returns cast
Montu (Purvesh Pimple)

In this show, you see Purvesh Pimple playing the role of Montu who is the cousin of Chintu-Chinti.

Rinku Singh

baalveer returns cast
Komal (Rinku Singh)

In this show, you see Rinku Singh playing the role of Komal who is Inspector Girpade's wife.

Guest Cast of Baalveer returns

Here is the list of Baalveer returns Guest cast with real name

Siddharth Nigam

baalveer returns cast
Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam)

In this show, you see Siddharth Nigam plays the role of Aladdin who was come from the past with Vivaan and help to Baalveer to defeat Timnasa.

Raashul Tandon

baalveer returns cast
Ginu (Raashul Tandon)

In this show, you see Raashul Tandon plays the role of Ginu who is powerful Chirag ka Jin and he was loyal to Aladin.

Aamir Dalvi

baalveer returns cast
Zafar (Aamir Dalvi)

In this show, you see Aamir Dalvi playing the role of Zafar who is a greedy man and he wants to take the Genie's Lamp.

Baalveer Returns Serial Storyline

Baalveer Returns is a Fantasy Indian show. This shows Baalveer returns were the second version of Baalveer. This show was made about a child who Called Baalveer and he fight against the people who wants to injure to earth people. Baalveer has six fairy superpowers that made it unique compared to other children.

In this list, every detail of this serial can here:-

Created byVipul D. Shah, Sanjeev Sharma
Screenplay byManoj Tripathi
Directed byMaan Sing, Thusar Bhatia, Kushal Awasthi, Sanjay Satavase
StarringDev Joshi, Vansh Sayani, Pavitra Punia, Sharmilee Raj, Anahita Bhooshan, Shoaib Ali, Shailendra Pandey, Aditya Ranvijay, Mukul Kumar Mk Singh, Sharik Khan
ComposerSouvyk Chakraborty
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
Executive producerRajan Singh
ProducersVipul D. Shah, Sanjeev Sharma
CinematographyPushpank Gawade
EditorHemant Kumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20-22 minutes
Production companyOptimystix Entertainment
DistributorSony Pictures Networks India
Original networkSony SAB, Sony Liv
Picture format576i HDTV 1080i
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release10 September 2019 – 30 June 2021
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Full Details of Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns Watch online

Baalveer Returns was the new telecast T.V. serial on Sony Sab. This show is telecast from Monday to Saturday and its time is at 7:00 pm. Baalveer Returns premiered and was released on 10 September 2019. You can see its first episode on Youtube. You can watch This on Sony Liv and Sony Sab.

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